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Working with me

Consulting with Sally

My packages and what to expect

  • The first step is an informal introductory 30 minutes chat (by phone) for free so you get the chance to tell me what's going on for you and what your concerns/goals are and I can give you some idea of how I can help.

  • If you feel unsure about engaging in nutritional therapy, I would be happy to book in a one-off appointment to discuss your needs and goals in more depth, and be able to give you more detail on how we could work together. 

  • If you decide you want to work with me - I will send you a Nutritional Therapy questionnaire to be returned to me before the initial consultation – this will allow me to look at your symptoms, medications and present state of health. I will also ask you to keep a 3 day food diary. This background and preparation work is included in the package.

  • Rather than just having a one-off consultation I believe working with you for the best possible outcomes requires a programme of support over a period of 12 weeks.  I offer three different levels of support, depending on your needs, with my gold, platinum and VIP packages, which differ according to the amount of contact time we have over the 12 weeks.

What I offer

An Initial Consultation (one-off) - to explore your needs and goals and how I could help

Gold – 1 initial consultation with 3 x monthly follow-ups

Platinum – 1 initial with 3 x monthly follow-ups and progress calls fortnightly

VIP – 1 initial with fortnightly follow-ups and weekly progress calls 

What's included in Packages
  • Initial personal consultation, 75 minutes 

  • Follow-up consultations -online or phone, 45 mins

  • Mini progress review in Platinum and VIP programmes 30mins calls

  • In depth health and lifestyle assessment - symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress

  • Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan

  • Consideration of current medication and nutrient interaction if applicable

  • Recommendation on clinical tests and interpretation

  • Full body composition analysis – Tanita scales – weight, BMI, fat %, muscle mass, metabolic age

  • Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits 

  • Email support 

If I feel it is appropriate I may suggest Functional Diagnostic Tests at an extra cost to aid in fully understanding imbalances.

Such tests may include

Food intolerance tests

Stool tests and digestive function tests

Functional hormonal tests

Nutrient level tests


It may also be appropriate to prescribe supplements to support and bring health back into equilibrium.  


Prices on request

Before embarking on Nutritional Therapy clients are encouraged to talk to their General Practitioner particularly about any specific health concerns. I am happy to work alongside GP's, other Medical Specialists and complementary therapists and believe that good communication and collaboration is key to a beneficial health plan.

All information provided by the client is confidential and protected under the Data Protection Act of 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) set up in May 2018 and adheres to my Privacy Policy. Please use the links here to access the Privacy Notice and Data Protection policy for Sally Mortimore Nutrition.  

Sally Mortimore Nutrition Privacy Notice 
Sally Mortimore Nutrition Data Protection Policy 
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