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Nutritional Therapy

“Functional Medicine is about causes not symptoms. It is getting to the root of the problem”.
Mark Hyman MD Functional Medicine Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy is not necessarily a quick fix, it is more about gently rebalancing the system. What we eat is important but so is how we eat and when we eat. By understanding the mediators (the underlying imbalances) and your personal circumstances and needs, we can work together to put a personalised plan in place, including dietary and lifestyle changes that may also include supplements, seeking to promote and encourage better physical and mental health.

I aim to support you through personalised nutritional interventions, to identify imbalances and benefit your presenting symptoms.

As a therapist who has trained in Nutritional Science it is my role to apply this knowledge to help you reach your health goals, through a personalised plan tailored to your individual needs. This may involve removing foods that could be detrimental to your health and replacing them with more supportive ones.

I work under the Functional Medicine paradigm which focuses on your individual health and circumstances that may be impacting on your presenting concerns. Through detailed information gathering on symptoms, health, lifestyle and medical background, Nutritional Therapy aims to create a picture of the root causes which may manifest themselves in health imbalances.

When considering what may be mediating an imbalance we delve deeper into your family history and preceding circumstances or events, along with looking at triggers such as diet and stress that may be precipitating a reaction.

Functional medicine emphasises a definable and teachable process of integrating multiple knowledge bases within a pragmatic intellectual matrix that focuses on functionality at many levels, rather than a single treatment for a single diagnosis. Functional medicine uses the patient’s story as a key tool for integrating diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and evidence of clinical imbalances into a comprehensive approach to improve both the patient’s environmental inputs and his or her physiological function.

The Institute for Functional Medicine teaches health care professional’s how to apply these principles in practice through an intensive 5 day training course called Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice™.

I attended and completed the AFMCP™-UK training in London in 2018.

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