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Eat well, Feel well, Think well

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Banish the blues and conquer that feeling of anxiety to live the life you really want. Start your journey today and book your free food and mood transformation call.

Please Note I am not currently seeing clients.
Improve your mental fitness one step at a time

Do you suffer from the blues, or maybe you are living in fear of getting panic attacks that stop you from living your life  to the full? Do you struggle to get up in the morning, feel tired all the time and lacking energy to get going? maybe your weight has crept up and you feel stuck in a rut.

You may be surprised to learn that, just by taking small steps to improve the food you eat, the way you move and think, you can regain control of your emotions and thoughts and begin to lift that low mood, reduce those feelings of fear and anxiety and really can regain control of life. 

My name is Sally Mortimore, a nutrition and mental wellbeing expert. People turn to me when they feel like they are sometimes in a dark place and they’re not sure how to begin to turn things around.


When I help my clients transform the way they eat, they begin to see improvements in their life. They feel like getting up in the morning, are full of energy and ready to live a life they love. If this resonates with you I warmly invite you to book a free food and mood transformation call by clicking the button below.

Download my free 'Boost your Mood' Booklet

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Work with me
I offer one-to-one consultations online. 
About Nutritional Therapy 


Nutritional therapy is the appliance of nutritional science in the promotion of health. I believe that by gaining an understanding of underlying health concerns  we can then work together to put a personalized nutrition plan in place for better health   

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